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martinez lierah

interesting scientific books on memory and perception:

“Where perception is, there also are pain and pleasure, and where these are, there, of necessity, is desire.” Aristotle

It’s been a while since my last blog entry but a new term in university started and claimed alot of extra work. Things have settled for a short while and I am going to use this time to complete the long promised blog entry on new insights of aging and update with some minimalists’ art and fashion. Anyhow, the story behind today’s entry is short: sometimes when I want to unbind my spirit from science and chemistry I have the habit to rummage in older entries of various other fashion blogs and that’s when I came across Martinez Lierah’s ‘Dissolving Memory’ Collection A/W ’12 (yeah, way too late). As I am fascinated by his approach to materialize cognitive neuroscience’s field of fading memories and “erroneous messages about what happened” (read here) I decided to share my favorites of the designer’s collection.

First of all it is obvious that I am quite fond of the dominant presence of white and the arch-like, structral designs. “Influenced by the work of architect Daniel Libeskind and the Photographs of flooded damns by Toshio Shibata, in this collection Martinez Lierah continues the search for a balance between structure and fluidity, with desintegration as a reference point.” (read more at If you liked the pieces above I suggest a look the marvellous newer collection, too! Best, Ea

today: beige cashmere and jeans