A blog is born



A blog is born and i am so happy to finally find myself bringing something to life, that has had a long time growing and nourishing from all the inspirations i found both in my chemistry studies and private life. Out of my love for other blogs, researching cosmetics ingredients, food and fashion, i decide to create an experiment, a junction of both science and arts. There is a surprisingly small difference between the creation of delightful food and smart cosmetics, it is a pleasure to once try it your own. You don’t need a lot of chemical compounds to generate a good product and not lots of talent or equipment.

I have always had an affection for the look of clean, sterile science labs and the way scientist look like in their white lab coats and therefore i chose this name for my blog, i try to idolize and give tribute to the mysterious lab scientist,’The Silent White’.
I hope you have fun with this blog and experiment with the wonder of sensoric freedom you recieved with birth. Love, Ea Birkkam

today: the lab coat