gift ideas for minimalists








“Essentially only one thing in life interests us: our psychical constitution, the mechanism of which was and is wrapped in darkness. All human resources, art, religion, literature, philosophy and historical sciences, all of them join in bringing light in this darkness.” Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

It’s this time of the year again… when weather is colder (at least in Germany) and the days are shorter and darker. Maybe it’s the reason (though I am not a big fan of religion) I get a cozy, warm feeling around christmas time. Born into a roman catholic familiy I happen to enjoy thinking about special gifts, get-togethers and the delicious food. Our typical christmas eve is full of classical music like Corelli’s christmas concerto or Bach’s Christmas Oratorio and my christmas menu. Our eve ends with the exchange of christmas gifts and that’s the moment of truth which reveals if you really guessed the desires of the gifted person right. If I don’t know it otherwise my presents turn out to be quite simplistic. Above is my list of personal favorites for 2014! Preferably wrapped in this or this or an old natgeo. Merry christmas everybody, Ea


today: simplistic outfits with winter boots