state of flow



“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

Creation can sometimes be a hard piece of work and there are many different things that help me being in some sort of a work flow, white tea, a walk or minimalistic ambience music (see right bar). Next week a few DIY minimalistic cosmetics projects are planned to be posted, so i keep my baby blog growing and interesting for likeminded people. I really work hard on the perfect formulations for the etsy shop and with my previous knowledge and passion for great cosmetics compounds i fastidiously look for quality oils and a good compositions to live up to my own requirements, which i also have for bought products btw. I just think it is nice to keep track of the exhausting moments, so one day i can look back and see it was worth the struggle. So this is me, now, having an all-nighter researching cosmetics compounds and ecologically reasonable packaging. Love, Ea Birkkam

today: the comforting jumper