Sneaker Love: Nike Huarache NM “White/Sail”



“Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.” Isaac Newton

I came across this -sold out almost everywhere- trainers and I have to say I am in love with the design. Probably the most complex all white sneaker out there. So if you like all white, futuristic kicks you might want to go for a little hunt and try your luck to find it in stock where they’re not near the price of brand new Yeezy’s. Best, Ea

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today: all white kicks


Desa 1972 vs. COS



“Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art.” Frederic Chopin

The moment I saw italian leather-bag manufactory Desa 1972’s bag collection I instantly liked the simple design. My favorite was backpack ‘Fourtyfour’ in white neoprene since I am looking for a white backpack for university. Combined with the overall black look this adds a little spring to your wardrobe. If you want to spend about 700 USD is up to you but I thought I let you know COS has a quite presentable mock version for 125 euro that comes in white leather (and silver/ 135 euro).

Can you tell the backpacks apart just by looking at it? Ea


today: CuSO4 blue


Interview with Bangkok based brand: From K





“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” Coco Chanel

As a millenial, living in the age of internet makes it very easy to discover likeminded creatives all over the world. One minute you see a prototype fashion piece of a designer newcomer you like, the other you own it. This is what happened to me when I saw From K on Instagram (follow her here) and asked her if I could buy it. Her black and white modern age uniform-like set and especially the thick fabric, oversize white dress, which reminds me of a closed version of a lab coat, intrigued me. You find various other minimalistic garments like mini glass-bulb earrings and black neoprene totes which come super affordable (about 15-20 dollars) and futuristic. Above you see me wearing my new favorite fashion pieces! I had the luck to investigate Kwang’s fashion philosophy in this little interview:

How did you get into fashion and when did you start designing your own clothes?

K: When I was a little girl I always fought with my friends over which cartoon channel we will go for but one day we hit an unfamiliar number on the controller and discovered Fashion TV. So cartoon channels were quickly out of my sight. Besides my grandma was a dressmaker. I loved to learn sewing with her to make my Barbie doll clothes. This was my first contact with fashion. After I graduated I started to work as a stylist’s assistant, but I felt like it wouldn’t suit me. Somehow out of nowhere, from a girl who loves to dress up, I started to officialy make it.

Your fashion is predominantly black and white. What is the inspiration behind your collection and why do you choose to work with mostly non-spectral colors?

K: I have a high-contrast personality just like the colors black and white. The concept of my collection is that I want to make stuff that just fits everyone right. And when it comes to clothing I like simple but not basic. So it is ‘FROM K TO ALL’ where K stands for me (Kwang).

Which are your favorite fashion designers or past designer collections that inspire you the most with your own collection?

K: I’m just in love with everything from KTZ (Kokon To Zai) and a designer I just found and like is Hyein Seo. Actually there are a lot more but they are the first two who came to my mind.

Do you think sartorial minimalism is an important medium to lead people to true minimalism as a lifestyle?

K: Appearance may not prove of a certain lifestyle, though the easiest way for people to express themselves is through clothing. So yes, it is an important medium to find their true minimalistic identity. I believe less enough and not more enough is the true balance and perfection of minimalism.

If you want to take a look at K’s shop and website visit it here. Thank you, Kwang for your time for the interview and your beautiful work!

Dressed in From K and loving it, Ea Birkkam

today: high-contrast outfits with KTZ


Minimalistic, kinetic jewelry: Verve Flow x The Silent White





verve flow

take a bath:

“Invention is the most important product of man’s creative brain. The ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of human nature to human needs.” Nikola Tesla

I am always happy when I find likeminded blogger and designer who share the same interest in fashion (or science) and Svetlana is that kind of person. Her interesting approach of making innovative jewelry with complex geometric shapes and special effects is really one of a kind. She has a variety of different projects going on (see here and here) but her kinetic jewelry from Ianua Art and Verve Flow is probably the most geometric. Together we discussed a new design for a necklace with a moving pendant that changes the pattern when moved. I have never seen something like this before and was already very excited to think about the design in black and white which resembles The Silent White.

Svetlana explained her principle of movement in her jewelry like this: “The construction is very simple: the inner (not fixed) element inside the ring is shifted by gravity. You can move it by moving your hand. There are two types of movements: one type is up and down (rectangle jewelry), the other is circular (round jewelry).” So cool! She perfectly realized my additional idea to put the pendant on a very lightweight leather band to make the necklace hang very straight from your collar. The moving pendant is made out of a 3×5,6cm epoxy lens to make it durable and shiny and the final leather band is made of soft white velour. My favorite part is the strong but subtle looking neodym magnete closure, so practical and minimalistic! I am very excited to now own something special like this. It fits my new favorite Alexander Wang for H&M sweater dress and rest of wardrobe perfectly. If you’re curious about the other minimalistic pieces, visit her store (here). Thank you Svetlana, I am very happy with this collaboration! Having early xmas, Ea

today: supercooled cloud droplets


Martinez Lierah




Dissolving Memory



martinez lierah

interesting scientific books on memory and perception:

“Where perception is, there also are pain and pleasure, and where these are, there, of necessity, is desire.” Aristotle

It’s been a while since my last blog entry but a new term in university started and claimed alot of extra work. Things have settled for a short while and I am going to use this time to complete the long promised blog entry on new insights of aging and update with some minimalists’ art and fashion. Anyhow, the story behind today’s entry is short: sometimes when I want to unbind my spirit from science and chemistry I have the habit to rummage in older entries of various other fashion blogs and that’s when I came across Martinez Lierah’s ‘Dissolving Memory’ Collection A/W ’12 (yeah, way too late). As I am fascinated by his approach to materialize cognitive neuroscience’s field of fading memories and “erroneous messages about what happened” (read here) I decided to share my favorites of the designer’s collection.

First of all it is obvious that I am quite fond of the dominant presence of white and the arch-like, structral designs. “Influenced by the work of architect Daniel Libeskind and the Photographs of flooded damns by Toshio Shibata, in this collection Martinez Lierah continues the search for a balance between structure and fluidity, with desintegration as a reference point.” (read more at If you liked the pieces above I suggest a look the marvellous newer collection, too! Best, Ea

today: beige cashmere and jeans


simple black ankle boots for autumn/winter 2014


pine fragranced candles:

“What do we mean by saying that existence precedes essence? We mean that man first of all exists, encounters himself, surges up in the world-and defines himself afterward.” Jean-Paul Sartre

Winter is coming and if you want to keep your footwear simple and purchase quality over quantity black chelsea ankle boots are your best bet. This year I came across alot of nice, super simplistic options with a nice twist in each and every pair. I am very enticed by the Asos Emperor Boots with a wedge plateau and Stella McCartney’s recently often copied cleated boots. Robert Clergerie’s version of a black ankle boot gives me daydreams of futuristic geishas and when in doubt Alexander Wang makes the most classic version of 2014. If you consider the nice quality I think the price tag is justified. You can never go wrong with black chelsea boots, they fit every wardrobe and last more than one season. This year it’s a bliss to find black essentials. Almost every brand tributes a minimalist option to my favorite footwear. Best, Ea Birkkam


today: black jeggings

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update and pale pink for fall ’14


read on olfaction:

dark ambience

“What you burnt, broke, and tore is still in my hands. I am the keeper of fragile things and I have kept of you what is indissoluble.”
Anaïs Nin

The beauty of pale, almost grey, colors. I have always loved washed out pink and I consider it the maximum of color I want to wear right now. Somehow it reminisce me of modern femininity and paper-dried rosebuds. It was great fun to find my favorite nine pieces for this fall which resemble this exact feeling (see above) and I have a strong wish to see especially these pink coats in my closet. This blog entry may seem a little less abundant and scientifically interesting than the last one but that’s only because I am in the middle of an elaborate new one and my academic work consumes a little time right now. Anyways, I found some interesting new books on the Biology of Aging, the Chemistry of Senses and especially human olfactory ‘psychophysics’, so there definitely waits a scientific post about cellular aging to look forward to.

Fashionwise I have a hard time not being distracted too much, but I could equally spend as much time as with my academics swooning over this seasons top minimalists of Spring 2015 Ready-to-wear: Stella McCartney, Akris (as always) and Haider Ackermann (click here, here and here for the gallery). I am more than surprised about the switch of styles, how come Céline, Mugler and Acne Studios have less simple and minimalistic designs than usually super colorful Sonia Rykiel and Lanvin? I am confused. Anyways, I decided to point out my (and apparently Issey Miyake’s) favorite color palette: the pale pink pastels. Best in combination with an almost-only-foundation and subtle make-up. See you soon, Ea Birkkam


today: sheer academic makeup – full look


COS Dropped Shoulder Dress



pic: cos


“There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.” Leo Tolstoy

“Softly sculpted tailoring, oversized proportions and interesting organic textures; Prepare for the season ahead with warm layers to cocoon in.” stated COS in their new Winter Lookbok. Every look you are going to find in this lookbook has a cold, focused aspect to me but still attends a certain layering comfort and simple coziness. You don’t need a lot of soft cashmere or wool scarves or additional accessory to snug into your winter garment. This year I am all in for clean comfort and in all likeliness I will disassociate from numerable hats and scarves. COS winter wool coats are hot candidates for my personal annual coat purchase. I am looking for a timeless replacement -either grey, black or white- that has the quality to last a few years and never get old.

As always there is still something else you not necessarily need but desire so much. This dress caught my full attention and the impeccable, clean look made me think it deserves a special tribute in my blog. It’s funny but somehow I wonder if The Silent White develops to a form of dream palace for beautiful minimalists’ objects I admire but don’t add to my collection. The highest importance is clarity and mental focus right now (university’s summer break is soon over, just one of many reasons) so I limit myself to essentials and quality. It saves my personal life from distraction and has a calming effect on me. Strolling around some minimalist blogs every now and then I notice this effect on other people, too. In a world of materialism it is hard to reduce yourself to the things you really need and many minimalist blogger start to list things they did -not- buy instead of shopping hauls. Inspiration can evolve to a coercion to possess, even if it makes you sad and starts to feel like a burden. I feel sad when I see people drowning in their ‘collection’ and finally suffering from ‘Compulsive hoarding’, what a terrible mental disorder. Why do we always want to possess things if it’s best to keep things simple? Is it possible to ‘detoxify’ yourself from surplus tenure? Best, Ea Birkkam


today: monochromatic essentials


Gareth Pugh Wool Coat


shop: gareth pugh

listening to:

“Although all the good arts serve to draw man’s mind away from vices and lead it toward better things, this function can be more fully performed by this art, which also provides extraordinary intellectual pleasure.” Nicolaus Copernicus

Futuristic and clean. I don’t have enough words to swoon over this heavy wool coat from Gareth Pugh, the master of sculptural and tactile fashion. He designed my favorite coat for this season! Having a thing for off-white or natural cotton white this coat must fit almost everything in my closet. Unfortunately it costs a small fortune and it remains an object of my desire. I sincerely hope will create something similar since they have edgy mock-off pieces from current designer collections, like this. As I still need a classic wool coat this year i will probably get -this- neat one from COS instead. Best, Ea Birkkam


today: off-white and black chelsea boots


Porsche Design Spring 2015 Ready To Wear





porsche design

“Black-and-white always looks modern, whatever that word means.” Karl Lagerfeld

Few times I have accidently stopped by the window of Porsche Design, the ‘fashion affiliate’ of Porsche, and I must admit: I never really liked it. Oftentimes I found it very bourgeois with a cheap ‘sporty’ touch and I would never have imagined they would surprise me with a Spring 2015 Ready-To-Wear at this year’s New York Fashion Week like this. Porsche Fall/Winter 2014 strongly reminiscent me of alpine outfits of the 70s though with a touch of futurism and clean-edge, which made me a little curious for the first time, but this 2015 collection is a whole new level.

The simplicity and sophistication of this collection was not expected and I took my time to take a few looks on each piece. It was hard to limit myself to 3 outfits to give a sample but above you see my (and steinbrueck’s) idea of the perfect amalgamation of clean and sexy. I don’t want to swoon any more about this collection, take a look for yourself: Here is a video from Porsche and the gallery from! Craving the shoes and dress of the first outfit, Ea Birkkam


today: the white wool coat