the future of eyeliner


“Geometry is the foundation of all painting.”
Albrecht Durer

From minimalistic to bold, this is the year of extraordinary eyeliner experiments (see pic above | source). The hosts of this year’s eyeliner looks are of an extravagant species, their natural habitat is both front row fashionshow seat and probably the next Bj√∂rk MoMa Exhibition. Are you in for this year’s eyeliner experiments? Beautiful, geometric details and fancy eyeshape-changing lines. Thanks to Sephora, Benefit and Dior, we are extra excited to try new innovations and highly anticipated mechanics. I already ordered a version of the funky, rubber blade eyeliner of Benefit. Just couldn’t resist to try it out, expect a blogpost of my look. Love, Ea Birkkam

today: sherlock ‘the women’