rafal maleszyk








“An optimist is a man who orders dozens of oysters, planning to pay them with the pearl he might find.”
Theodor Fontane

Plastic, minimalism and wind movements. I recently came across a quite talented photographer who was growing up in southern Poland and now lives in Hawaii. Rafal Maleszyk already recieved quite an amount of awards for his work (see here) and it is more than justified. I really like the way he focuses on basic things like weather conditions or just simply air. There is a dark ambience in his pictures that seem to signalize the dreary conquest of nature by men.

Here is what he mentioned about his own photography in his blog: “I enjoy creating long exposure ocean-scapes, this is when I am not entirely in the control of what the sensor will record. Plastic interconnects with the motion of the ocean, wind and waves producing unpredictable effect. Wind plays a huge role, as well as reflection of the light in the plastic. In plastic landscape you can really see the air.” (Read more here) Again i have to limit myself to about six samples of his great work, which is a little difficult, i hope you get the idea. Best, Ea Birkkam.

today: garments that move in the wind and sheer beneaths