aw2014 collection

“It is impossible to create beloved objects because it is dependent on individual, personal experiences. But I love the idea that maybe at a certain point our bags and accessories become somebody‚Äôs beloved object.” Philipp Bree

Minimalism, longevity, quality. Philipp Bree, the son of famous german minimalist bag brand Bree, makes one of my most desired bags. His inspiration is the love towards ‘beloved objects’ like the one bag his father gave him when young and the possibility to bequeath and survive more than one generation. The requirements for a bag to last that long are the quintessence of his brand pb0110. Considering the longevity of the bags a price starting from 500 Euros is adequate and most of the designs are so simple and minimalistic that you probably find yourself wearing everyday.

In an Interview with sleek-mag he said following about the brand’s choice of materials: “We use only vegetable tanned leather from Belgium, pure brass fittings and 100 per cent linen both from Tuscany, Italy. In that case we do not look right or left and just work with these essential materials.” I am fascinated by the brand’s positive tunnel vision regarding the materials they use and see both a manifestation of minimalism and tradition in it. Best, Ea Birkkam.


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