“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein

I’m back. In fact I haven’t been away but more busy with academic stuff and something I have been working on as a sideline project to university for years. I’ve hinted it a few times on Instagram but never got explicit about it because I don’t like talking about unfinished ideas. I was working on my own product. I have been on it for a long time and it started with my interest for cosmetics chemistry. My focus lies on two things which couldn’t be more different: functional and sustainable polymers for cosmetical application and the new integration of long forgotten but effective ingredients. Both of it are things I just can’t stop thinking about and for a year I’ve been getting samples exotic butters and nut oils straight from the junge (I’m not kidding) or new active ingredients like EGF from labs. I have gathered a big collection of antique and new books about herbs, old tribe recipes from all over the world or old german scripts of ointment formulations and tinctures. I formulated little batches of stuff I wanted for myself (and good friends) and thinking about the application of various sustainable nature derived (bio)polymers and any ancient eastern herbs like tcm herbs. When I first found myself using one effective recipe over and over again and saw a visible difference it made for my skin I made a big version of it and did major research how to naturally prolong the shelf life of it. I found a lot of literature of how nature protects itself from stress factors and radicals and as my friend got their hands on it I was encouraged by my best friends to make it a real product. This week the first real prototypes arrived and I am very satisfied. I will keep this blog updated with every step and ideas that lead to the final product. Ea

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