Interview with Bangkok based brand: From K





“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” Coco Chanel

As a millenial, living in the age of internet makes it very easy to discover likeminded creatives all over the world. One minute you see a prototype fashion piece of a designer newcomer you like, the other you own it. This is what happened to me when I saw From K on Instagram (follow her here) and asked her if I could buy it. Her black and white modern age uniform-like set and especially the thick fabric, oversize white dress, which reminds me of a closed version of a lab coat, intrigued me. You find various other minimalistic garments like mini glass-bulb earrings and black neoprene totes which come super affordable (about 15-20 dollars) and futuristic. Above you see me wearing my new favorite fashion pieces! I had the luck to investigate Kwang’s fashion philosophy in this little interview:

How did you get into fashion and when did you start designing your own clothes?

K: When I was a little girl I always fought with my friends over which cartoon channel we will go for but one day we hit an unfamiliar number on the controller and discovered Fashion TV. So cartoon channels were quickly out of my sight. Besides my grandma was a dressmaker. I loved to learn sewing with her to make my Barbie doll clothes. This was my first contact with fashion. After I graduated I started to work as a stylist’s assistant, but I felt like it wouldn’t suit me. Somehow out of nowhere, from a girl who loves to dress up, I started to officialy make it.

Your fashion is predominantly black and white. What is the inspiration behind your collection and why do you choose to work with mostly non-spectral colors?

K: I have a high-contrast personality just like the colors black and white. The concept of my collection is that I want to make stuff that just fits everyone right. And when it comes to clothing I like simple but not basic. So it is ‘FROM K TO ALL’ where K stands for me (Kwang).

Which are your favorite fashion designers or past designer collections that inspire you the most with your own collection?

K: I’m just in love with everything from KTZ (Kokon To Zai) and a designer I just found and like is Hyein Seo. Actually there are a lot more but they are the first two who came to my mind.

Do you think sartorial minimalism is an important medium to lead people to true minimalism as a lifestyle?

K: Appearance may not prove of a certain lifestyle, though the easiest way for people to express themselves is through clothing. So yes, it is an important medium to find their true minimalistic identity. I believe less enough and not more enough is the true balance and perfection of minimalism.

If you want to take a look at K’s shop and website visit it here. Thank you, Kwang for your time for the interview and your beautiful work!

Dressed in From K and loving it, Ea Birkkam

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