COS Dropped Shoulder Dress



pic: cos


“There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.” Leo Tolstoy

“Softly sculpted tailoring, oversized proportions and interesting organic textures; Prepare for the season ahead with warm layers to cocoon in.” stated COS in their new Winter Lookbok. Every look you are going to find in this lookbook has a cold, focused aspect to me but still attends a certain layering comfort and simple coziness. You don’t need a lot of soft cashmere or wool scarves or additional accessory to snug into your winter garment. This year I am all in for clean comfort and in all likeliness I will disassociate from numerable hats and scarves. COS winter wool coats are hot candidates for my personal annual coat purchase. I am looking for a timeless replacement -either grey, black or white- that has the quality to last a few years and never get old.

As always there is still something else you not necessarily need but desire so much. This dress caught my full attention and the impeccable, clean look made me think it deserves a special tribute in my blog. It’s funny but somehow I wonder if The Silent White develops to a form of dream palace for beautiful minimalists’ objects I admire but don’t add to my collection. The highest importance is clarity and mental focus right now (university’s summer break is soon over, just one of many reasons) so I limit myself to essentials and quality. It saves my personal life from distraction and has a calming effect on me. Strolling around some minimalist blogs every now and then I notice this effect on other people, too. In a world of materialism it is hard to reduce yourself to the things you really need and many minimalist blogger start to list things they did -not- buy instead of shopping hauls. Inspiration can evolve to a coercion to possess, even if it makes you sad and starts to feel like a burden. I feel sad when I see people drowning in their ‘collection’ and finally suffering from ‘Compulsive hoarding’, what a terrible mental disorder. Why do we always want to possess things if it’s best to keep things simple? Is it possible to ‘detoxify’ yourself from surplus tenure? Best, Ea Birkkam


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