“Receiving a new truth is like adding a new sense.”
Justus von Liebig

It is both fun and detailed work to finally limit my assortment of ingredients to a small final range. There is this vision of a high quality, ecologically worthwhile but very minimalistic and futuristic line of cosmetic products and, as i am used from synthesizing lab chemicals, things do not always work perfectly with the first try, to put it mildly. Maybe this is the first time my given endurance pays out.

Anyways, i have already a compiled selection of ingredients that i want to share, interesting in their skin properties, ecologically and beautiful in their chemical structure. I feel attracted by beautiful symmetries and molecules in interesting shapes and angles. Above you see 3 of the prettiest molecules that naturally occur in oils and fats i found. I am sure even the most fashion crazed blog reader will see scientific beauty in them. They would make a spectacular repeating pattern on a T-Shirt. Best, Ea Birkkam

today: the clinically white beach look