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“Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over” F. Scott Fitzgerald

The body is a biochemical power house and regular sport activities are vital to our metabolism and a long, happy life. Moreover it is instantly mood-uplifting and clears the mind. There are endless myths about nutrition and healthy intakes but, in my honest opinion, the most important thing is to know how your body breaks down and stores energy. Ever wondered why you are hungry when you skip your carbs? To start off we have to take a look at the functions of glycogen (structure see here), a multibranched polysaccharide of glucose serving as a form of energy storage.

As a carb meal is digested, your blood glucose level rises and the pancreas secretes insulin. Blood glucose from the portal vein enters liver cells. There, the insulin acts on them to stimulate the action of several enzymes. Glucose molecules are added to the chains of glycogen as long as both insulin and glucose remain plentiful. Now after a meal has been digested and you have a big pause of intakes the glucose levels begin to fall, insulin secretion is reduced, and glycogen synthesis stops. When it is needed for energy, glycogen is broken down and converted again to glucose. Oh, and the human body is able to store 200 to 500 grams at one time, which is approximately enough energy for half of a day. Best way to stay lean? Never be too hungry (low insulin levels), add complex carbohydrates that take a little longer to digest (e.g. whole wheat or brown rice with grain) to your menu and go outside/ move a lot. There is no other magic pill but knowing how stuff works. Best, Ea Birkkam.

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state of flow



“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

Creation can sometimes be a hard piece of work and there are many different things that help me being in some sort of a work flow, white tea, a walk or minimalistic ambience music (see right bar). Next week a few DIY minimalistic cosmetics projects are planned to be posted, so i keep my baby blog growing and interesting for likeminded people. I really work hard on the perfect formulations for the etsy shop and with my previous knowledge and passion for great cosmetics compounds i fastidiously look for quality oils and a good compositions to live up to my own requirements, which i also have for bought products btw. I just think it is nice to keep track of the exhausting moments, so one day i can look back and see it was worth the struggle. So this is me, now, having an all-nighter researching cosmetics compounds and ecologically reasonable packaging. Love, Ea Birkkam

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A blog is born



A blog is born and i am so happy to finally find myself bringing something to life, that has had a long time growing and nourishing from all the inspirations i found both in my chemistry studies and private life. Out of my love for other blogs, researching cosmetics ingredients, food and fashion, i decide to create an experiment, a junction of both science and arts. There is a surprisingly small difference between the creation of delightful food and smart cosmetics, it is a pleasure to once try it your own. You don’t need a lot of chemical compounds to generate a good product and not lots of talent or equipment.

I have always had an affection for the look of clean, sterile science labs and the way scientist look like in their white lab coats and therefore i chose this name for my blog, i try to idolize and give tribute to the mysterious lab scientist,’The Silent White’.
I hope you have fun with this blog and experiment with the wonder of sensoric freedom you recieved with birth. Love, Ea Birkkam

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