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akos major

“Ich filtere Dinge in meinem Leben. Ich versuche, Qualität zu finden und Müll zu vermeiden.” Ákos Major for art Magazine

Pastel tones and diffuse lustre. Vienna based photographer Ákos Major’s work is pure serenity to me. What I really like about each photo is that it is never really obvious where and when it was shot, timeless and dreamy but still very down-to-earth.

He started as a hobby photographer in 2008, which he explains in an ND magazine interview: “Actually, I never really had the interest towards photography until I met Michael Kenna’s work. It was a huge load of inspiration for me, I was mezmerized by the graphical taste and the honesty of his photographs. Then my interest has turned more and more into photography, I met other masters’ work. I was on Flickr, surrounded by some emerging or amateur photographers, getting acquainted with their work was also interesting and inspiring”(click).

I selected 6 pictures from different Ákos Major portfolio’s but they all come with the same familiar perspective. Check out more of Ákos’ work at akosmajor.com. Best, Ea Birkkam


today: pastel cool